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Make Money Online Methods

Chapter 1

Everyone wants to make money online at home, just for working for few hours a day.

Question: Is This True?

Answer: And yes it’s quite true, because there are many of endless opportunity of earning to the internet.

I always write many topics related to earning methods. You also read these posts too.

Today I will be showing you the basics and professional rules or review of earning rights from your home. Everything you just do it to your home personal computer.

So let’s start to show you original ways to get online earnings. Make sure you go to read this article and increase your brain level step by step to explore good earn methods.

Earn Money by Freelancing

Most of users are quite familiar with freelancing term that indicate one is totally independent or self working and not bound of any business, industry, company; rather one can work for several companies at a time right from his own working office and any place/ Home. One needs to have sufficient set of skills to start his / her journey as a freelance worker. You can work for freelancing easily, you have don’t have need relevant degree or even no degree, but you have got professional skills that fit into any freelancing category you always choose these topic witch you have big interest, then you can work from your home and get paid. Below are some resources how to join you freelancing sites.

Freelancing Resources

Blog Writing / Article Writing

You just creating a blog and posting articles won’t let you make money alone. if you to create unique blog contents and regularly updating your blog posts with useful content. You can setup a blog on any micro niche / topic of your interest. Always regular in writing unique and useful blog posts that help you bring more visitors to your website/blog. You can setup your free website/blog either on Blogger or WordPress.

After publish up your first blog, targeting USA & Europe based readers will bring in long term benefit for your blog earning. There are number of methods to monetize your blog / website. which you will be able to generate good amount of revenue. Your blog must have at least 3000 or above unique visitors per day before you should apply for CPM (cost per thousand impressions) / CPC (cost per click) based Monetize.

And for having at minimum 1500 unique hits per day on your blog, your blog should have 30 quality articles posts, which require around 3 months, time to rank on search engine. Once your blog / website starts to receive handsome amount of traffic, you will be able to earn good income from your home, just by working 3 for hours on daily basis, always creating unique blog posts. There are many more topics which you can publish in your blog posts.

Affiliate Marketing

Simple terms is selling the products online and getting your commission. Affiliate marketing is good who possess customer convincing ideas.

sell of product or service and company is paying you certain percentage of your commission from the sale of that product or service.

As you have helped the company to achieve the product sale, so company pays you the commission as a token of appreciation. You are required to register for an affiliate program and generate your own unique affiliate link or banner ad and you place these ads to your website or blog.

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