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Earn Money without Google AdSense

Adsense is the Not only one way to make money online from your blog/website. Many bloggers are making money without using Google Adsense. As a blogger, you just need to figure out other profitable earning methods to monetize your blog content. you just want good traffic on your website.

Always first one webmaster are applying for Google Adsense and rejected many time. because everyone want google ads account. Now, I will share some profitable methods to make money without AdSense.

Lets Know About: How To Make Money Without AdSense 

Now I am showing you how you easily make money online, without using adsense account. You can easily apply these methods on your blog and earn handsome amount of money.   


Another best alternative to Google Adsense is If you are said with Adsense, and they don’t approve your website for their ads network then you should definitely check is another Good ad network that allows you to display ads on your blog and make money online with it. This is a contextual ads network which show relevant ads on your website. For example, if you have a car related website then the ads will be relevant to your content on the blog. And they pay you total number of clicks on the add. And it’s showing PPC advertisements on your website. When approved, you will be getting paid depending on the quality of traffic, blog niche and total clicks on ads.

3- Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to earn money from blog. You just promote any company product over a small commission. It can generate more profit as compared to AdSense and other ads companies.  Just Singh up for few affiliate programs that are related to your blog niche. You can choose products that you would like to promote to your users. Once you get approved to be an affiliate of certain program, (affiliate link) will be given to you. When users click on your ads link and make any purchase, you earn a commission.

For Successful Affiliate Marketing:

  • Always select products that are relevant to your blog.

  • Try and test the products, if possible that.

  • Check their commission rates. Don’t accept any offer that has less than 7 to 10% commission rate for affiliates.

  • Always make affiliate disclosure on your website.

  • Don’t just throw affiliate links everywhere on your blog. Only use when necessary.

  • Drive targeted traffic to generate your product sales.

4: Paid Advertisements With (BuySellAds)

You already know that advertisements on your website can help you make money online. You can sell ads at “” places on your blog over a fixed monthly rate. The prominent places like header area or the widget area are the ones that get highly clicks. So, the companies pay blog owners a fixed rate for displaying 3rd party ads over a month. you also get advertisement in YouTube channel too. 

5: Sell Your Own Products

Sell on your own product may scare you for a while but it can be passive income for your website. The good thing is that you create these products once and you get the sales for a long time.

EBooks can be a wonderful digital product. People love to read eBooks on multiple topics. Whether you are a food blogger, or a motivational coach, you can easily create an eBook and sell it to your readers everywhere in the world..

You also create and sell your video course online and nowadays, online courses are easier to create anywhere. Best platform are Udemy and you easily to get started.

So now, you can easily sell digital and physical products on your website to make good income.

6: Offer Freelance Services

Another famous way to make more money from your website is by offering freelance services. It can be a greatest way to earn a consistent income.

You just got to have writing, social media, blogging and website related SEO skills etc. You can easily offer part time freelance services from your website. you can provide your services to 

  • You can offer following services below:

  • Freelance writing, Article Academic Writing

  • Blog/Website management services, SEO etc

  • Social media content

  • Other virtual assistant services etc

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