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Sell eBay Earn Money Online

How To Starting Your Own Ebay Business

Many people are searching for opportunities to make money online at home, and selling things on E-bay is one of the most famous ways of earn money online.

So what type of internet earning business you start, because there are most of benefits that you can make money with your own business. This posts are publish the main benefits that you earn as an E-bay seller and make money online.

You can earn with the easy way to selling products on Ebay. Some people have very hard jobs that take up all their time, such that they have no time left for their family and friends. 

So if you want to start your own Ebay business, you can earn a living at your home and also earn handsome amount of money. The best way to make money is by doing what you enjoy.
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Lest See how to setup you E-bay

Make sure you understand the ebay site basic rules before starting to sell on eBay.

Must Take Your Own Photos
It is against eBay policy to use another seller's photos or to steal them of the internet oonline. If using a photo that you did not take, you must have written permission from the photo,s owner. The official eBay policy TOS.

You should be sure you have permission from the rights owner or creator before you use & these are below.

1: Images or text copied from websites or internet searches
2: Stock photos and text
3: Information from product packaging
4: It's usually OK to use information such as measurements, weight, or other item specifications that are necessary to describe the item that you simply can't say any other way. However, you should avoid using any other text from product packaging unless you have permission from the owner to do so.
5: Images and text copied from listings of other eBay members
6: Scans or text copied from catalogs or advertisements

Understand Your Selling Limits
All sellers have selling limits. If you are brand new to eBay, your limits will likely be as low as 1 to 10 items and $5 to $500 approximately.
If you have had an eBay old account for several years, but don,t sold anything all the time, your limits will be higher because eBay sees you as a trusted community member.

Learn VERO Program
eBay program called VERO, which stands for Verified Rights Ownership. AND VERO is a list of companies or brands who don't want their items sold on eBay . For example, bagbirdy, is on the VERO list, but as long as the item is authentic, it can be listed and sold.

The VERO Participant Profile Page states:
To help you safely sell branded products on eBay, we offer the following pages written by intellectual property rights owners and similar organizations that work with eBay. These pages give information about the brands’ products and legal positions. The rights owners are solely responsible for the content. Please contact the rights owners directly if you have questions. Some rights owners who work with eBay did not to contribute a page, so the list of brands is not comprehensive.

If you commit a VERO violation, you will receive an email that says,
Your auction was most likely terminated because it displayed unauthorized reproductions of copyrighted images or trademarks owned by (company), or because it offered for sale unauthorized merchandise. The listing will be pulled off eBay and your account may be limited.

Give It Time: e-Bay Is a Marathon Not a Sprint
New e-Bay sellers often throw in the towel when their items don't sell right away. The Seven-day auction is simply an arbitrary number of days to have a product for sale. Try 30-Day listings for a few months and give buyers time to find your listing. The right buyer may not see your item in Seven days, so leave the item listed for a while. List a variety of different kinds of items. You will learn what kinds of items you like working with, and those you don't. It takes time to learn how and what to sell on eBay that is a good fit. Take your time and find what works for U.
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Friday, March 16, 2018

7 Best Ways to Make Money with Amazon Affiliate Niche Sites

Amazon affiliate niche sites are best way of bringing in revenue and earn money online. Amazon has provided a platform to make money by promoting their products online. You need to have a product specific website and provide re-directions to Amazon to earn money. so read below how to make money with amazon affiliate.

1: Select an valuable nich
Choosing the most valuable nich is the most important thing before creating an Amazon affiliate niche web site, and make sure your site content all the possible information regarding the product and proceed you to amazon website. visitor is browsing to purchase a specific product and not to gain any irrelevant knowledge at that point therefore so keep details to the product targeted only.

2: Highly rank SEO
Rank up of your niche on search engines and your SEO leads you to the top. The top ranked people take up everything and nothing is left for the later ones. You need to be rank your page on top of search page. so then its comes making money with Amazon affiliate niche sites. It is all about the right and targeted keywords.

3: Select costly products
focus on expensive products for your niche. For instance, there are several models and brands for "dslr camera" but if a customer is searching for one of the best, he will look for the most expensive ones as compared to the popular or low price ones. so always select costly products to sale.

4: Appropriate keywords
Keywords play a vital role when it comes to money making with Amazon affiliate niche sites. Choose general words such as oven, Electric Machine, hair dryer & etc instead of using specific brand and model names. This will narrow down your options and will limit your website potential. A wider niche that can generate around 40 to 60 pages articles are best.

5: Direct the visitor to Amazon

The most important thing on your to do selecting your niche and designing your website should be to send the viewer to the Amazon site. when the visitor lands on Amazon, a cookie is created and your commission is made on anything he purchases. Amazon is a highly rewarding website and can make more money than your niche site so it is always better to redirect your customers there.

6: Several images and Hyperlinks
always Images are attract more than text. Visual details are far more appealing than reading any longer product reviews or texts. Therefore, you must incorporate as much product pictures as you can and include hyperlinks as well so that any click on an image will lead the visitor to Amazon website with your affiliate tag thereby providing your commission.

7: Product Reviews and Sales over Christmas

Product reviews is the good thing you can do to make money through Amazon affiliate nich blogs and websites. Focusing on product and sales during Christmas could add a lot to your wallet. You can promote sales such as Black Friday, Cyber week, etc, and make good amount of money over these holidays than any other days. Amazon has a specific page dedicated to sales and promotions and, you can easily catch your visitors and bring handsome earning.
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Friday, March 2, 2018

Best Ways to Earn Money by Writing Academic Articles

Earn Money to Writing Academic Articles
Article writing is one of the best ways of earn money online. many people across the world focus on academic writing as a way of making money online. Below are some of the way are how to write or bloggers can make money by writing academic articles easily.

Write Articles for Bloggers And Magazines 

Bloggers Or Magazines and other publications always need quality content to be published online on there network. publishers are always want high quality content, articles. Many are ready to pay much high for quality and good can start by writing small articles in the local publications and build credibility each others so end of day you grow up in market. you must be establishing a good writing style and content to improving your knowledge in the any niche or other target related topic of specialization and exposure to more platforms online in the whole world.

you earn good amount of money as a beginner article writer.
Many of these publishers require authors who specialize in specific nich and subjects. For instance, a beauty magazine may need an expert in the field of beautician to provide articles related to beauty.

Freelancer is not a full time employee of a particular company. When you work as a freelance writer, you provide your writing services to any party interested or willing to take your WORK.

Today, there are many websites where freelancers can offer their professional writing services. Some are looking for ideas while others have opinions & are searching for writers to generate the real content and skills.

Beginner to a successful freelancer starts by searching online and signing up as an author on a freelance website of your preference. You can practice freelancing either as a "Part Time" or "Full Time" working. An alternative way to work as a freelance is to approach a website that focuses on a subject in which you possess a lot of knowledge. For example, it can be a COOKING website, or a site dealing with Kitchen, food, management, services .

These websites need authors to develop content for their website. Look for site you would prefer to work for and find out about their requirements and skills.

Make your niche Blog
Making your website. A blog can offer an excellent way for a new or unknown author to make his work public. While the content may not necessarily pay, a blog can earn you some earning money via advertisements and sponsor company,s.

You must write frequently and remain consistent in publicizing your site to attract users. Sometimes blogging can turn out to be very lucky, and you end up focusing on blogging as a career lifetime.

Another way of earning from your blog is affiliate marketing. In affiliate marketing, you need not sell your product only" instead, you even make money by promoting someone else’s product on your website and earn a commission in return for every product sold on this portal website. you sale these product on your website or blog and you get commission per selling things.

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7 Ways To Make Money In America On Christmas Every Year

Every year the great event of Christmas which is not just as fancifulness event but brings with it many other joys and happiness. It brings a good many chances for opportunists to earn extra and easy part time money. There are a lot more reasons for people to be happy and to enjoy and celebrate at their utmost energies at Christmas.

Christmas day might be an occasion of a particular religion but this is one of the biggest occasions that have an impact on every one belonging to any religion around the world. All the differences and deviations are forgotten during these Christmas celebrations. Everyone is openly allowed to do anything that is regarding Christmas and Christmas celebrations or earning money on Christmas days.

People look out for different ways to earn money all around the world and they probably become successful during this merry Christmas season. America, already known as a place for opportunists, becomes a number one for earning money at the time of Christmas.

How Much Amount Spending Average American in Xmas 

Average American spent $946.69/= on holiday gifts. In last year 2017, it is expected that the average American will be spending $978.24/= on gifts for friends and family, the highest amount spent since year 2007. and average cost of gifts is so high. With advertisements for big sales everywhere in Xmas.

In the list so we have shear 10 different ways to earn money on Christmas every year in America.

1: Making baked items

The best and the most useful way to bake different food items specially cakes, pastries or cookies and other baked items. because Baking on Christmas means to fully decorate the items which are also one of the arts to make it look attractive and delicious to eat and see. People like to have taste different variety of cakes to take to Christmas parties and meetup as a gift or to cut at their home and treat everyone around. So baking becomes one of the Good ways of make handsome income.

2: Become a Santa Claus And Play Around

You can make you look like Santa Claus by wearing costume and singing jingles to make people in general and kids in particular pleased and earn money all the way around. This is one easiest and interesting practice that can make you earn money as well as the love from children and everyone in the world.

3: Wrapping gifts and making hampers to sell

There is a trend of exchanging beautiful little or big gifts for like ages on Christmas. People belonging to any age or any religion contribute in presenting gifts to people around them.

Again,an opportunity for one seeking to earn money on Christmas! and you will not a big investment you just need to do is take packing materials, beautiful fancy glittering papers and decorative shining accessories to wrap gift hampers and sell them according to the need of the customers.

This job can be done by taking orders just to "Wrap Gifts" or you can wrap gifts by your own choice and just sell them in the market or any were in your city. It involves a little creative mind and interest in decorating your gifts.

4: Become a Shopping Assistant

Before 7 to 8 days, when Christmas is near, everyone appears busy shopping different items looking from home accessories and food items to baked items and gifts to present on Christmas Day. You must have got an idea that there is another opportunity for earning money by assisting shopkeepers in stores and helping their customers to get something best meeting their requirements and save time.

5: Babysitting

Always moms are busy all around the world need someone taking best care of their baby,s while they are busy in Christmas shopping. So in America, there is a usual trend of babysitting while parents are not around. That doesn’t require any effort or experience but only a level of patience and love to handle the kid you are looking after, and you easily don this job make make good money too.

6: Photography

Everyone to keep Christmas moments captured and Photography on Christmas becomes one of the best time for photographers. People look for someone with a little interest in photography with a DSLR camera to cover their family and friends photographs.

7: Becoming a postman

Presenting gifts is a best practice on Christmas and people also make it unique and different by sending gifts through postmen or any other source to make someone surprised and feel special. So you can serve your time becoming a postman on Christmas and deliver Gifts to particular destinations, and this is also a good way to earn money.


You can earn points to online shopping through the many websites. Before you make any online purchases, you will simply search online shopping sites at Google Search.


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