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Sidra Altaf | Age, Biography

She is a model and youtuber for Best known for her grace and beauty, Sidra Altaf is an upcoming Youtuber who is already quite famous. and making her video log at YouTube Sidra Altaf and  (Short Beauty Tips)

She has already become the sweetheart of the audience, on social media thanks to her gorgeous good looks and charming & beautiful personality. She is known in the showbiz of social media for being very polite and courteous to fellow actors and actresses. Sidra limits the number of projects of online beauty tips she does so that she can only pick quality videos on social media.

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Here we will take a look at Sidra Niazi’s life, biography, career, age and more.

Sidra Altaf
Digital creator

Beauty & Fashion Blogger || Youtuber






Biography of Sidra Altaf


Sidra Altaf was born on 04th October, 1991 in, Toba Tek Singh Punjab, Pakistan Her zodiac sign is Libra. Although she was born in Pakistan, Sidra holds Pakistani nationality.

She is also a Pakistani citizen. Originally from Faisalabad, Sidra now lives in Lahore to peruse her acting career. She is 5 feet and 4 inches tall, which makes her fit right in the standard height category for women in Pakistan.

sidra altaf

Sidra Altaf is a Youtuber & Beautician. She was born on 04th October, 1991 in, Toba Tek Singh Punjab, Pakistan.

Sidra Altaf holds Pakistani nationality.

Early Life & Education

Sidra Altaf

MA Physical Education

Dermatologist Beautician


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