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My Blogger Tricks To Grow Your Blog and website Fast Beginners in [2023]

There’s a common belief that it only takes about 3 months to grow your blog and start getting traffic; however, this is not true for many reasons. The best way to fast-track your growth is to improve the quality of content on your website as well as increase your SEO techniques and build more relationships with others who are already in the industry. This article gives you some proven ways of doing so.

1 | Increase Engagement Using Social Media (Twitter / Facebook)

If your website does not have social media accounts, create one now. You can use these platforms to engage your followers and add value to your posts. They also make creating engaging content easier as they can be shared across networks at once, saving time and effort with little effort required.

2 | Build Brand Awareness by Publishing Interesting Content

This should be done consistently and continuously—if you don’t write interesting or educational content regularly, people won’t be interested in reading it and instead will look for something similar. A good idea would be to publish an email newsletter when the subject of each email is related to what your audience would be interested in learning about, and this is very effective as articles tend to resonate better with readers when they learn about new things.

3 | Use Tools to Check Website Analytics

If you want to check how much traffic is coming to your site from search engines, then check out my free website analytics tool, which tells me how I rank against keywords and other metrics related to organic search traffic like monthly visits, page views, shares, etc. It also shows where I rank (or do not rank) for various elements like mobile friendliness, age, gender, etc., along with their impact on rankings and clicks and their overall performance.

4 | Optimize Images Search Engine Results Page (SERP)

When designing images on your website, try to keep them as relevant as possible and show them prominently on your home page so that as many people visit your website as possible. Try using tools like Canva, Pixlr, Photoshop, and Figma, among other tools, to help edit and optimize your image files. This process will allow you to create visually appealing content and ensure that everyone sees your work on any device.

5 | Write Longer Articles

If people want information quickly, they generally click the “Read More” button right away and they most likely leave if it is too long. Having long pieces written allows users to absorb all the contents about specific topics. It also increases engagement as readers leave comments on other parts of the post and give important insights into what they think they might need to know.

6 | Be On Platform Frequently And Share New Content

People expect updates to happen on their platform as soon as possible, so it makes sense to share content that includes recent and useful content. If you can, try to update your blog/site frequently, otherwise, people may become bored with what you are saying or start forgetting it, thus, reducing its chances of success. Remember to share helpful articles such as guides, case studies, infographics, tips and tricks, etc., so that people will always be interested in your site. People will spend time on your site if you regularly provide fresh content because they see it as a place where they can find something of interest and can gain insight into a topic as well.

7 | Use Short Links

Sharing new content is great but don’t forget to include short links to the new content you have just shared. Visitors are usually less interested in long content, especially if it becomes repetitive or boring, so having a short link will make it more valuable and enticing for potential visitors. These small links will encourage readers to take up more information related to the thing being discussed in your piece. This will result in increased conversions and additional leads, increasing the possibility of monetizing your blog/site.

8 | Publish Lively

Content is no longer static—there is a wide variety of topics available and more and more people are becoming curious about different subjects. One major part of growing a successful blog is building conversations and building connections that lead to discussion and sharing content that gets more exposure to a wider audience. So if you want to improve engagement, make sure you talk and interact with your audience and provide them with valuable content. Keep them entertained and encouraged to keep them coming back to your sites. Make sure you answer questions that they have posted or ask questions that require further clarification. It is much faster to answer these queries to an individual than to search forums, web page comments, etc.

9 | Improve User Experience Of Your blog and website

Customers love good usability and user experience. When they arrive at your website, they want to know everything that they need to get started and feel comfortable. This means having simple navigation and clear and easy-to-understand instructions for new visitors to understand how they can navigate your site. Also, make it easy for people to contact you through text, email, phone calls, and messaging services, so you can easily address them.

10 | Provide Quality Products

If you want to grow your business and expand your brand, then providing high-quality products is vital. Ensure that your product is affordable without compromising on quality and meet the needs of people in your market, who want the necessary features and value and not just the basics. Create and offer amazing experiences to your customers so that they are excited about interacting with your company and enjoy making purchases. Many people are willing to buy from brands they trust and are happy to invest in your brand if it is made great enough. Creating great customer experiences enables you to attract more consumers and convert them into buyers, thus increasing sales and generating more revenue.

11 | Avoid Poor Copywriting Skills

It is imperative that you produce unique content that stands out from the rest. Writing catchy headlines that grab attention is essential unless you want to be left behind as competitors are looking to beat you to the punch. However, this also comes down to knowing how to write marketing copy for yourself and those who are close to you. That is why it is crucial to constantly watch your own writing style, read reviews of your words and phrases, and pay attention to the tone and mood of the text you are typing. Also, avoid overused language; try to stick to a few key words in your sentences and avoid the temptation to repeat the same sentence multiple times. Always remember that the aim of every message is to win hearts and minds, so if you want people to stay on your side, you must convey a clear and compelling reason for buying from you.

12 | Leverage Email Marketing

People still prefer receiving emails over texts or websites. Emails have been around since 1980 and are a great channel to communicate with audiences with customized messages. Sending personalized e-mails to subscribers is one of the easiest and fastest ways of communicating with others. With email marketing, you can send them quick and relevant emails to boost engagement, open new email subscriptions, and drive online traffic to you site. Email marketing has seen tremendous growth recently due to changes in technology, specifically platforms like WhatsApp and Instagram. Users can interact and respond to each other and receive responses from one another—this makes for more meaningful interactions and opportunities for marketers and creators alike.

The Bottom Line On How To Get Traffic From Google

These were some great ideas to add to your list for starting a blog. Start with adding a personal touch, such as gifting some kind of gift or certificate on your homepage to motivate people to come to your site. Then, begin collaborating closely with your clients to develop campaigns that promote their businesses and products and share them with their target audience. For example, someone could invite people who attend parties or festivals to buy something from their store that they can customize. At last, start blogging about the events and how they can assist in promoting them. Finally, begin working with local community groups, churches, charities, religious organizations, and schools and colleges to spread awareness about the projects for building healthy communities and helping those in need.

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