Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Opportunities of COVID-19 Days

Again lock-downs during recent days had a boosting effect on economies and online shops. And also some industries and other business have actually grown. 

And most others businesses have gone down, and few are looking new customers faster than ever before. Lets see how unique pockets of industry where COVID-19 had a tremendous positive response.


The online sales are skyrocketing in March 2020 when the lockdowns were imposed worldwide and physical shops were forced to shut down. E-commerce has continued to grow since then. And international online shopping volumes in April 2020 were 83% higher than in April 2019. 

Developed economies such as Australians and Russian recorded increases of more than 96% in online orders for groceries and home things. Developing economies like Europ, Japan,...

A big percentage in online shopping is currently in just a few "things" including number one food, medical online, and essentials also. However, the biggest impact of this change is the trend that it has set next world. E Commerce shops, get a million of new online customers. More than 76% of online orders are placed on mobile device app. 

Online learning 

Schools are also closed and students worldwide need alternatives. So mobile apps are apparently the favored solution to fill this gap. Education app downloads increased by 96% in April. This occurred shortly after the WHO declared COVID-19 a whirlwind pandemic.

Delivery services

Ordering food online is more popular than ever. Shortly after the lock-down restaurants in the Unites States and elsewhere were coping with increases in delivery orders by up to 68%.

Online home delivery is also a natural extension to shopping online at home. Instar Retail company, Walmart Retail company, Ship Corporation, and Target in the Unites States reported that the daily downloads of their shopping apps nearly doubled off and Leave at my door and con tactless delivery options have become very popular in also China, India, the Unites States, and the UK, Europe, or Asia. 


The online gaming trend is one of the fastest growing industries since the start of the COVID-19 issue. More than 5.4 million video games were sold worldwide within a single week from April 17 to 23. Online video streaming grew by 36% and YouTube gaming expanded by 16% in April. More, people seem to be turning to gaming to keep them distracted throughout the pandemic.

Mobile payments

Mobile based payments are on the rise internationally, particularly in under developing countries. The Forbes global media company reported that over 8 million genetic apps had been downloaded since the COVID-19 pandemic started. Google pay also downloads 16 million in February alone. More than 8.6 million transactions worth over $604 million were made in Nigeria in April. More people are opting to send money online as opposed to others channels.

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