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Earn Through Hostgator Hosting Affiliate Program

Today we discuss how to make money online through Hostgator affiliate program. This company is establishment in October 23, 2002, HostGator has been provider of web hosting service around the world. They provide top notch service to clients from over 200 above countries internationally with a staff of over 772 employees. They offer four hosting services (1) Shared, (2) Re-seller, (3) VPS, and (4) Dedicated server packages for both beginners and professional webmasters.

You can get unlimited bandwidth, unlimited storage space, and unlimited domain hosting at very cheap rates easily. And you get 99.9% guaranteed up-time with support with cool Customer Support 24H/7D/365Days.

Attractive Program

Below are some package plans for the affiliate program HostGator.

1st you will need a web hosting account to become an affiliate. After that follow below 3 steps to active your account. If you have a blog or website, then you will have a better chance of earning since you can place banners and ads with referral links.

1: Sign up for an affiliate account

2: Select the banner you want and get its (html) code

3: Place banner on your site.

How its Work?

After place ads to your website or blog, your visitors click on your banner and sign up to Hostgator. Your banner has a code with it which is unique to every user,s account.

When someone clicks on your banner, ads and signs up, the number of referrals you have will be reefer, since they signed up via your banner (code).

Hostgator keeps cookies information for up to 90 days. Because if someone clicks on your banner but doe not sign up immediately, Hostgator will remember for 90 days. In case that person decides to sign up within 90 days, it will be counted as a referral in your favor. Hence you will get paid for that sign up. Hostgator checks for 60 days whether the signed up account is active or not. If it is active for the initial 60 days, only then is a referral is counted. Otherwise, it is Delete all information.

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